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The ISMA will offer flash drives to help you prepare for convention
e-Reports, July 12, 2010
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If you attend ISMA’s annual convention in September, you’ll have a couple options for obtaining the House of Delegates Handbook.

For the second time, the ISMA is offering computer flash drives that provide all the information you need for this important meeting. The paperless option not only helps the ISMA go green but also allows us to be good stewards of your membership dues with reduced printing costs.

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The flash drive will allow you to download all the resolutions and other materials for convention to your laptop computer – so you won’t experience the hassle of shuffling papers during sessions.

“Being able to download the handbook to my laptop using the flash drive was much easier than carrying around that book of papers,” commented Indianapolis physician Michael Sha, M.D., a delegate to last year’s convention.

Here are answers to some questions you may have about the handbook options.

Q: Will the flash drives function the same way this year?

A: The ISMA plans this year to put all the documents into a single PDF file, which will make navigation easier. As long as your device can read PDF files, you should be able to view and navigate through the resolutions.

Q: Can I edit or write comments on the resolutions provided on the flash drive?

A: Yes, commenting will be enabled in the PDF document containing the HOD handbook. The ability to edit or write in the actual document will depend on the type of software you have installed on your electronic device.

Q: How can I get a flash drive with the resolutions and handbook?

A: Request that a flash drive be mailed to you prior to convention by checking the designated box on the registration form. If you do not receive a convention brochure in the mail with a registration form, find it online on the ISMA convention page or call the ISMA.

Q: If I order a flash drive, do I need to print all the documents?

A: No, the purpose of the flash drive is to offer the convenience of downloading the handbook onto your laptop to bring to the convention. If you prefer paper copies, order a handbook by checking the appropriate box on the registration form. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

Q: Will the flash drive include late resolutions?

A: Because of timing in getting convention materials to delegates, late resolutions cannot be included on the flash drive. However, you can download late resolutions from the ISMA website onto your flash drive just prior to convention.

As always, hard copies will be provided during the first session of the House of Delegates on Friday, Sept. 24.

Q: What if I don’t have a laptop or one that is wireless?

A: You have the option of ordering a hard-copy binder containing the handbook, which you can pick up at the convention registration desk. Please note that resolution packets will not be mailed to delegates but will be available online before convention on the ISMA convention page. Resolutions also will appear in the Aug. 23 issue of ISMA Reports.

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