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The ISMA takes your resolutions to the AMA House for action
e-Reports, June 28, 2010
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A 2008 ISMA resolution regarding methadone clinics and state prescription drug monitoring programs was amended and adopted by the AMA House. In a report, the AMA Board of Trustees listened to cautions surrounding the fact that each state prescription monitoring program is different.

The reference committee hearing the resolution then suggested replacing the term “methadone clinics” with “opioid treatment programs,” to be more inclusive and capture patients treated with buprenorphine.

To read more, find the report here.

Four resolutions from the ISMA 2009 House of Delegates were presented.

AMA Resolution 201 (ISMA Resolution 09-03) - Establishment of a Nationwide Criminal Database: A substitute resolution was adopted with a change in title. To find the details go here.

AMA Resolution 401 (ISMA Resolution 09-19) – Supporting Awareness of Stress Disorders in Military Members and Their Families: A substitute resolution was proposed and adopted. To see the resolution, click here.

AMA Resolution 501 (ISMA Resolution 09-06) - Dietary Supplements: Because what was asked in this resolution was less stringent and expansive than current AMA policy on this topic, the House voted to reaffirm AMA Policy H-150.954 in lieu of the resolution. To read more, visit here.

AMA Resolution 101 (ISMA Resolution 09-14) – Rescission: This resolution was included on the Reaffirmation Consent Calendar and not addressed by the Reference Committee due to AMA existing policy. That policy is:

Our American Medical Association advocates that elimination of denials due to pre-existing conditions is understood to include rescission of insurance coverage for reasons not related to fraudulent representation.

Find all 2009 ISMA resolutions on the ISMA website.

Elections and other actions
Also during the meeting, Cecil B. Wilson, M.D., an internist from Winter Park, Fla., became the AMA’s 165th president. Peter W. Carmel, M.D., a pediatric neurosurgeon from New York, was named to the office of president-elect, defeating Edward Langston, M.D., a family medicine physician from Lafayette, who will continue as a member of the AMA Board of Trustees.

ISMA Past President and Former AMA Speaker of the House John Knote, M.D., also of Lafayette, will continue serving as the chair of the AMA Senior Physicians Group.

Dr. Knote reported that an increasing number of senior physicians from the House are participating with the group and attending their meetings.

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