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The ISMA now offers you an online consultation code chart
e-Reports, June 28, 2010
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New table summarizes insurer consultation code coverage
Most physicians and practices are now aware that Medicare no longer reimburses for consultation codes. However, consultation codes remain in the CPT coding book and a number of carriers still recognize them.

But which commercial and Medicare Advantage plans recognize the codes? Your calls to the ISMA staff indicate continued confusion about coverage of consultation codes by other payers. In response, ISMA practice advisors have created a quick reference guide to assist you.

After contacting various payers about their coverage policies earlier this month, the ISMA now has a “Summary of Consultation Code Coverage by Payer.”

Find this reference table on the ISMA website here.

For more information on Medicare consultation codes, see the ISMA Webinar: “Medicare Consultation Codes Are Gone – Now What?"

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