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IDOI issues new standardized prior authorization form saving you time and money
e-Reports, April 6, 2015
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Patients may get approval for needed care a little faster, thanks to a newly created standardized prior authorization (PA) form. The document is the result of a partnership involving the ISMA, the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI), Anthem and other insurers.

“This is a big win for patients,” said Floyds Knobs physician Daniel Eichenberger, MD, who served on a committee to create the form. “Right now, it is not mandated, but I urge physicians to start using it now and let the insurance commissioner know if there is any pushback from insurance companies.”

The group developed a common form, based on a similar one created in Texas, for use by all entities involved in the prior authorization process. It will help reduce costs to insurers and physicians, and prevent unnecessary delays for patients.

“This form won’t resolve all of the PA problems, but it will provide some relief with the process,” explained Mike Rinebold, ISMA director of Government Relations.

Dr. Eichenberger noted that more than 400 different prior authorization forms are currently in use in Indiana. The new standardized document will save time and money for medical offices.

In February, the IDOI issued Bulletin 214 that encouraged all insurers, health maintenance organizations and anyone involved in the prior authorization process to use the form as soon as practicable. However, the IDOI is considering adoption of an administrative rule to require use of the standard form, according to a statement.

Find Bulletin 214 here.

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