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See this snapshot of the physician workforce in your county, state
e-Reports, March 23, 2015
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If you’re concerned with the health and well-being of people in your community, the health care workforce will be of interest to you. A recent survey and policy report, derived from 2013 data, offers a glimpse of the practicing physician workforce in any Indiana community.

The data are captured routinely through a survey conducted by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency in conjunction with the biennial physician license renewal process.

The attendant report presents detailed information on the state’s physicians, offering stakeholders important details for improving the quality and accessibility of health care for Indiana residents through policymaking, workforce development and resource allocation.

Key issues emerged from the data including:

  • The aging physician
  • Feminization of the workforce
  • Workforce diversity
  • Team-based models of care
  • Workforce distribution

The Data Report was produced by Health Workforce Studies Program, Department of Family Medicine, IU School of Medicine in collaboration with Indiana Area Health Education Centers Program – along with notable contributions from numerous other entities, including the ISMA.

For complete information, visit these links:

Data Report: 2013 Indiana Physician Workforce

Policy Report: 2013 Indiana Physician Workforce

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