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Here’s how the ISMA protected you in 2014
e-Reports, Jan. 26, 2015
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Over the past year, the ISMA was busy protecting you from legal and regulatory pitfalls. Members tell us they rely on the state’s largest physician organization to serve as their ally. As one member put it, “Right now, doctors need all the friends they can get!”

And – yes – the ISMA has proven to be your friend and ally. Here are some examples from 2014 that demonstrate how important ISMA membership can be.

Tax scam in March
During the identity theft tax scam impacting physicians in several states, including Indiana, no other medical society took action like the ISMA. Upon learning of the scam, the ISMA immediately alerted members via email. Then, state and federal agencies were notified and members were offered detailed steps to take to file an identity theft complaint and obtain assistance.

Stage 2 computer glitch in April
Attestations for Stage 2 meaningful use were inadvertently erased, and the ISMA promptly notified members about the situation. The ISMA staff brought the computer glitch situation to the attention of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, learned what steps affected members should take and quickly communicated the need for those practices to file an appeal within the 30-day deadline.

Pain management rules
When the legislature mandated new rules for pain management prescribing, the ISMA represented physicians during creation of the new guidelines. After they became effective, ISMA leaders and staff traveled around the state giving presentations to more than 1,500 physicians, educating them on the rules. The ISMA also featured an array of resources on our ISMA website for easy access.

ISMA Reports and e-Reports
Issues of ISMA’s biweekly newsletter provided members information on child abuse and domestic violence reporting, new rules pertaining to CDL exams for truck and bus drivers, tools to assess security risks, cautions about skipping Stage 2 meaningful use, a checklist for the Affordable Care Act grace period, guidelines for determining brain death – and much more. Where else can you get timely news interpreted specifically for Hoosier physicians?

Keep the ISMA as your ally. Renew your membership for 2015.
Then make your organization stronger by recruiting your colleagues to support the ISMA. Direct them to www.ismanet.org/join for information and an application.

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