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Consider a Quadruple Aim that includes improving your work life
e-Reports, Jan. 12, 2015
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Doctor, make 2015 a year of change for yourself, your practice Untitled document

Authors of a recent Annals of Internal Medicine article urge doctors to make the Triple Aim into a Quadruple Aim this year by first improving their own work life. “Health care is a relationship between those who provide care and those who seek care, a relationship that can only thrive if it is symbiotic, benefiting both parties,” they said.

The Triple Aim was introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to focus on goals of enhancing patient experiences, improving population health and reducing costs. The additional aim would be like the instruction we get each time we board an airplane. We are cautioned to secure our own oxygen masks before helping others.

According to the journal article, a Quadruple Aim could help all physicians, no matter the specialty, as they struggle with burnout that threatens patient safety and physician supply. The fourth aim would involve:

  • Allowing the medical team to carry more of the burden of documentation
  • Doing more pre-visit, pre-appointment planning for laboratory testing
  • Better coordinating workflows for prescription refills

Read the article here.

2014 Survey of American Physicians
The Physicians Foundation released a survey of 20,000 physicians in October revealed 81 percent of respondents described themselves as “either over-extended or at full capacity.” See the Physician's Foundation website for the survey.
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