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Here’s how to save up to 30 percent on ISMA membership for 2015
e-Reports, Oct. 20, 2014
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Now is the time to consider qualifying for a group discount from the ISMA for 2015 dues. Your large physician practice can earn up to 30 percent off the total cost of dues for you and your colleagues next year. The discounts may not apply to your county and district dues, however. Not in a group practice? Prepay for two to 10 years and earn a similar discount.

Here’s how the ISMA defines a group practice: one or more physicians organized as a partnership, professional corporation, foundation, not-for-profit corporation, practice plan or similar association operating as a single entity.

Already enjoying the discount

Dr. Ratliff
Wes Ratliff, M.D.
Premier Healthcare, LLC

In Bloomington, Premier Healthcare, LLC with 76 physicians and nurse practitioners stepped up for the group discount in its first year. “We were very pleased to learn of the group discount last year,” said Wes Ratliff, M.D., president of Premier. “The ISMA is a valuable resource for all physicians.”

Linnda McCoin, Premier’s manager of Provider Scheduling and Credentialing, said, “Our billing department frequently utilizes the ISMA discounts on their educational sessions and meetings. Also, the ISMA staff has tried to intervene on our behalf when we have had issues with payers, particularly Anthem.”

Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis, LLC (ACI), with 85 practicing physicians, qualified for the maximum discount last year, at the urging of ISMA member Alexander Choi, M.D.

Dr. Choi
Alexander Choi, M.D.
Anesthesia Consultants of
Indianapolis, LLC

“The group discount program was a benefit that ACI decided was an advantage to our physicians. It was a ‘win-win’ proposition because it allowed for a 30 percent discount on dues for all of our physicians and allowed the ISMA to increase its membership of ACI physicians from 16 physicians to 85,” said Dr. Choi. “Once ACI physicians were exposed to the work that the ISMA accomplishes on behalf of all Indiana physicians, it was a relationship that we agreed was essential for our group to support.”

Dr. Choi said that the ISMA allows him and his colleagues to collectively care for their patients by sharing ideas, resources and advocacy. “Through ISMA, we enhance the care of our patients and enhance support for each other through programs such as the ISMA Leadership Training program, Practice Management Workshop and Physician Assistance Program.”

Dr. Choi called the ISMA an “indispensable part of our Hoosier health care landscape.” He noted, “The ISMA is not only important to Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis but to all physicians in Indiana.”

Discount for groups of 5 to 49 physicians

100% group participation 30% discount
90% group participation 20% discount
80% group participation 10% discount
75% group participation 5% discount

The discount varies based on the group's percentage of participation by Jan. 15, 2015.

Discount for groups of 50 or more physicians

The ISMA has the authority to negotiate annual discounts for larger groups, and the discount offers may be subject to approval by the ISMA Board of Trustees.

Discount for groups of 5 or fewer physicians
Not in a large practice and feeling left out? Don’t worry. The ISMA has a discount offer for you too.

A discount is offered to small practices that by Jan. 15, 2015, pay ISMA, district and county medical society dues in advance for multiple years as indicated below:

10-year membership 30% discount
5-year membership 20% discount
3-year membership 10% discount
2-year membership 5% discount
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