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Vote for your Health

vote for your health

Whether you are a physician or patient, you are living in unprecedented times for health care.

Our nation experienced the passage of “reform” in recent months over which some rejoice and others regret, vowing to repeal. No matter where you stand, health care delivery affects all American families; the issue needs your attention and your vote. 

The ISMA urges you to mark Nov. 2 on your calendar and offers information to help you make decisions.

Doctors, health care reform did not fix the Medicare formula – SGR. . .

Tough questions to ask before Nov. 2

The federal government is putting seniors on a slippery slope. In small cuts and an upcoming larger chop, Congress is depreciating Medicare, putting older Americans at risk of dropping into an abyss where lack of access to physicians may become reality.

Do you want to continue seeing your Medicare patients at ever-reducing rates? Can your practice survive uncertainty and falling revenues year after year?

Listed below are some background and tools to help you evaluate your future Medicare participation.




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