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IHA launches campaign to expand health care coverage
e-Reports, March 10, 2014
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The Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) announced a statewide campaign, Expand Indiana, to focus on advancing health care coverage in Indiana. The goals of the campaign align with IHA’s support for providing health care security to thousands of uninsured Hoosiers, according to IHA President Doug Leonard.

"As Gov. Pence and his administration negotiate with the federal government to expand HIP (Healthy Indiana Plan), it’s important to understand that Hoosiers – and Hoosier businesses – fully support the state’s efforts to expand coverage in Indiana," said Leonard.

The IHA wants to expand protections to help Hoosiers caught in the coverage gap without affordable health insurance.

The Center for Health Policy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that expanding health care coverage in Indiana could generate up to $3.4 billion in new economic activity as well as 30,000 more jobs.

Learn more about Expand Indiana here.

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