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Indiana’s medical liability insurance rates stay stable, competitive
e-Reports, Dec. 9, 2013
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Your Indiana medical malpractice insurance rates decreased from last year and remain competitive compared to rates across the nation.

Every year, in its October annual rate survey issue, the Medical Liability Monitor publishes commercial rates for major liability insurers in all 50 states for internal medicine, general surgery, and obstetrics/gynecology specialties. The survey provides a reference point for comparison of rates in other states but does not reflect credits or other factors that could impact final rates. The publication also provides surcharge rates for states with patient’s compensation fund (PCF) schemes; it includes Indiana.

IN Malpractice rates
*The Indiana rates reflect primary coverage limits of $250,000/$750,000, plus an additional $1 million in coverage from the Patient’s Compensation Fund for each claim that exceeds the physician’s primary coverage.

The Medical Liability Monitor reported that overall “...[a] majority of the rates did not change at all in 2013 with 57.6 percent of all annual rates staying the same...” Here in Indiana, however, rates decreased. For ProAssurance policies, including PCF surcharge calculations, the rates for internal medicine decreased 5.60 percent; general surgery rates decreased 6.06 percent; and ob/gyn rates decreased 15.60 percent.

“Indiana rates are better than the surrounding states – and in fact most of the country – because of our tremendous medical malpractice law. That contributes to the stability of our professional health care climate in Indiana and helps ensure patient access to care. That’s why the ISMA worked so hard to put the law in place and continues to defend it,” noted ISMA President Deepak Azad, M.D.

Update on constitutionality challenges
As last reported, two active constitutionality challenges to the medical malpractice damages cap were pending. One of those cases, Matthews vs. Lupton, has been resolved. On Oct. 2, the plaintiff filed a motion to withdraw the constitutionality challenge in that case and accept the $1.25 million capped verdict.

The other active pending challenge is Bobbitt vs. St. Mary’s Medical Center. That case is expected to receive an evidentiary hearing of experts, anticipated to be scheduled for next summer.

 December Malpratice rates
**The rates for the surrounding states reflect policy limits of $1 million/$3 million.
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