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A repeated message at the 164th Annual Convention: Be leaders
e-Reports, Oct. 7, 2013
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Speakers, educators and others at the ISMA’s 2013 annual convention used three words repeatedly during the weekend: lead, leader and leadership. Delegates and attendees were urged to become involved in the issues of our times and to step up and be leaders.

At an educational session on the first day of convention, a panel of physicians from around the state provided updates on their accountable care organizations. Explaining why this movement is different than managed care in the 1990s, David Christeson, M.D., from Deaconess Health System in Evansville, pointed out that this time there is physician leadership, as illustrated by the physician panel.

During the first session of the House of Delegates that evening, attendees heard from U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, Republican from the state’s 4th District. The son of a health care provider, Rep. Rokita told delegates, “You are a leader; that’s why you are here.” He called the ISMA one of the “most important health care associations in the state,” as he warned about the perils of federal spending and advised how a new bill he helped draft would address growing medical costs.

Rep. Rokita discussed the American Health Care Reform Act, which was unveiled at a Washington, D.C., press conference just days earlier. His address to the ISMA convention was the first time a member of the drafting committee had publicly discussed the bill. Rep. Rokita pointedly asked the House, “Look at this (bill). Tell us what you think. Take a vote. Can you approve the concepts?”

As the weekend unfolded, delegates often urged their colleagues to take a stand and lead on the issues – whether discussing health care reform principles or protecting our children from anaphylactic shock or the dangers of heading soccer balls.

Leaders at convention
Chuck Dietzen, M.D.; David Christeson, M.D.; U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita; and medical student Hari Vasu

Speaking of issues
Two issues seemed to dominate debate and discussion: principles of health care reform important to physicians and steps prescribers can take to help curb the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Ultimately, delegates adopted amended Resolution 13-47 introduced by Past President Kevin Burke, M.D. It restates principles adopted by the ISMA in 2009, prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act, and includes several new concepts added by the House. Delegates acted in a timely manner so the resolution can be presented to the AMA for action at its November meeting.

In addition, delegates overwhelmingly approved Resolution 13-17, endorsing emergency rules for responsible opioid prescribing. These rules were developed by a task force of ISMA members, as well as the Office of the Indiana Attorney General (OIAG), and other interested parties. The state legislature had charged the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana with enacting emergency rules by Nov. 1. Final rules are due next year.

Resolution 13-24 also pertains to responsible prescribing and was passed by the House. It supports the concepts in a “Prescribers Toolkit” produced by the OIAG’s Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force and its subcommittee on education.

“The toolkit provides physicians with much-needed practical resources on the topic of controlled substance prescribing,” said Subcommittee Chair and Deborah McMahan, M.D., who is an ISMA member and the health officer for Allen County.

Heartfelt closing words
As a busy House session concluded, medical student Hari Vasu of IU School of Medicine stepped to microphone 1. He seized the moment to thank the ISMA for its support of medical students and welcomed his fellow students from Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine into the ISMA’s Medical Student Society.

As the future physician spoke, the words of keynote speaker Chuck Dietzen, M.D., founder of Timmy Global Health, seemed to echo in the room. “We must maintain this mission,” Dr. Dietzen said, “and make sure that future generations have us as their motivation and inspiration.”

Dr. John Wernert

John Wernert, M.D.
Dr. Dunniway

Heidi Dunniway, M.D.

Speaker of the House
Dr. Trobridge

Andrew Trobridge, M.D.

Vice Speaker
Dr. Penland

William Penland, M.D.

Dr. Tom Vidic

Rhonda Sharp, M.D.

Assistant Treasurer
Hoover Cox Mohr
Michael Hoover, M.D.
Alred Cox, M.D.
South Bend
William Mohr, M.D.
Burke Kora
Vidya Kora, M.D.
Michigan City
Kevin Burke, M.D.
Burke Kora
David Welsh, M.D.
Thomas Vidic, M.D.
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