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Seminar attendees served food for thought with their lunch
e-Reports, Sept. 16, 2013
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Practice managers and physicians at the ISMA’s inaugural Practice Management Workshop Aug. 21 heard some straight talk about security during lunch on the first day of the two-day workshop.

Security Dude

Self-proclaimed “real geek” Scott Richards, project manager, Technology Assessment with Purdue Healthcare Advisors, heightened awareness about security threats and the importance of encryption.

“YouTube now offers the best training for hackers,” he said. “The youngest hacker arrested by the FBI was only 8 years old, and he learned how to hack into computers by watching YouTube.”

Here are some points Richards made in his presentation:

  • WiFi is easy for hackers to break into; medical records should not be accessed from airports, hotels or other public WiFi spots.
  • Laptops are most often stolen and must be encrypted to avoid HIPAA violations.
  • Turn off Bluetooth devices when not in use.
  • Regular computers are the easiest for hackers to access, as well as Android tablets.
  • Employees carrying cell phones are carrying cameras; therefore, have a cell phone policy to protect your practice.
  • When disposing of old computers, remove the hard drives and beat them with a hammer to destroy them. If you employ a service to destroy computers, obtain and keep a signed affidavit indicating the hard drives were destroyed.
  • Apple iPads are recommended for doctors who want to use a tablet computer, but Microsoft’s Surface RT is a fine choice as well.

Have a question about electronic security? Richards welcomes calls from ISMA members and staff; contact him with questions here or (765) 494-9454 or (765) 430-9577.

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