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Don’t forget your obligation to report birth defects data
e-Reports, Aug. 19, 2013
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The Indiana Birth Defects and Problems Registry (IBDPR) issued a reminder to physicians about your legal requirement to report all children up to 3 years of age who have at least one birth defect (up to 5 years of age for autism and fetal alcohol syndrome). The IBDPR is a public health authority, as defined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and is authorized by law to collect protected health information.

The IBDPR uses congenital anomalies information from health care providers to:

  • Monitor the frequency of birth defects in Indiana
  • Detect trends/clusters
  • Develop educational/prevention programs
  • Establish referral systems

Information from physicians is necessary to validate IBDPR prevalence data, as some conditions, like autism and fetal alcohol syndrome, are not diagnosed at birth and have been severely under-reported to date.

You can report to the IBDPR via the online Indiana State Department of Health’s (ISDH) State Health Gateway. Physicians or office managers who report on behalf of health care providers need to create an account within this system.

To create an IBDPR account
First, obtain a Physician Reporting security code by contacting Ruwanthi Silva at (317) 233-7571. Then, create an account by:

  1. Going online to the ISDH website
  2. Clicking “Create New Account”
  3. Entering all required information marked with a blue asterisk
  4. Clicking “Send me a confirmation email” if you would like to be notified of your successful registration within the Gateway
  5. Clicking “Create Account” when finished

After registering, the next time you log into the Gateway, a “Physician Reporting” link will appear at the top of your screen. This link will be inactive until ISDH verifies both the user and organization who registered for the account. If your account is not verified within 24 business hours, please inform Ruwanthi Silva.

Changes to your account (e.g., updating demographic information or your affiliated organization) can be made within the Gateway under the “My Profile” link.

Find a list of reportable conditions, including corresponding ICD-9-CM codes, at in.gov.

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