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Help change your world at the ISMA convention
e-Reports, Aug. 5, 2013
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Every year, Hoosier physicians change – maybe not the world – but the health care environment where we all work. Resolutions submitted by ISMA members like you from around the state address issues patients and physicians face every day. Those resolutions form the ISMA’s action agenda for the coming year; they can also become law.

Margaret Mead knew the power of “thoughtful and committed” people, like your colleagues at the ISMA. You can support them by reading the 2013 resolutions online. Then consider:

  • Attending convention to participate in the debate and attend the CME sessions (see below)
  • Contacting your county or society delegates to make sure they will attend to represent you and advise how you’d like them to vote on each resolution
  • Visiting the convention message board to direct the Reference Committees with your feedback and opinions

Here’s an example of what occurred with one recent resolution. The 2013 General Assembly passed a bill into law that started as an idea from one ISMA member. Mary Baker, M.D., was seeking to ensure patients’ decisions about end-of-life care were understandable as medical orders. She succeeded when the governor signed HB 1182 – Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment, just one example of ISMA-initiated change.

At the 164th annual convention this September, delegates will debate and discuss 43 resolutions on topics ranging from medical staff issues to an asthma action plan.

When others vote on the resolutions without your input, you are forfeiting the opportunity to direct how your membership dollars are spent. Resolutions that are adopted typically form the legislative agenda for your ISMA in the next General Assembly. All members want that agenda to focus on issues important to physicians and patients – not futile or frivolous things.

That’s why you should make your thoughts known on each resolution.

All ISMA members are welcome at convention, and both members and delegates must register; complete the online form.

Gain knowledge in two key areas for one low price

Have you seen the headlines? Physicians are landing in serious trouble – even having to forfeit their medical licenses – as a result of overprescribing controlled substances. One way to protect yourself and your patients is to ensure you have up-to-date knowledge about drug testing and interpretation of results.

The next CME session in the ISMA’s series on Responsible Pain Management will target compliance monitoring. Led by expert toxicologist Andrea Terrell, Ph.D., vice president and chief scientific officer for AIT Labs, the 90-minute session will help you prevent drug diversion, innovate in use of drug testing, increase the quality and efficiency of patient care and enhance patient safety in your practice.

But when you pay just $29 for this session, you can attend a second CME session on the same day for no additional charge.

Second session, same fee

Maybe you don’t belong to an accountable care organization (ACO) and don’t think you ever will. But ACOs have had a growth spurt in Indiana, and they are part of the future of health care delivery in the U.S. Knowing something about ACOs and how they are influencing patients and health systems in Indiana will be important to your professional life.

The ISMA is gathering ACO physician executives from around our state to tell you what they’ve learned about care coordination, chronic disease management, internal process management, best practices and physician engagement – in ACOs. Get a complete update in two hours plus an opportunity to ask your questions.

Register and find more details.

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