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The ISMA, ISDH collaborate to reduce smoking in Indiana
e-Reports, July 22, 2013
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Doctors are encouraged to use their influence to get patients to quit tobacco, access free resources Untitled document

The ISMA and other health care organizations are joining the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) in an initiative to encourage patients who smoke to talk to their doctors about quitting.

The project is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) national “Tips from Former Smokers” TV campaign that features former smokers who have experienced smoking-related disease at a relatively young age. The ads include the tagline: “You can quit. Talk with your doctor for help.”

William VanNess, M.D.
William VanNess, M.D.
State Health Commissioner

“As a health care provider, you know smoking has a negative impact on your patient’s health,” noted State Health Commissioner and ISMA Past President William VanNess, M.D. “I am reaching out to ask that you use your influence as a health care provider to help your patients quit smoking.”

Reducing smoking rates in the state is a strategic priority for the ISDH. More than one million residents smoke and nearly 9,700 die each year from smoking-related diseases. Another goal includes decreasing the state’s high mortality rate due to smoking while pregnant.

“Physicians are one of the most important sources of health information for patients and their families,” said Dr. VanNess. “Tobacco users are more likely to make a quit attempt if advised by their doctors.”

The CDC offers tools to help you talk to patients about quitting on the CDC website. Also, become a preferred provider of the Quit Now Indiana Preferred Network to access additional patient resources; join at in.gov.

For added support, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline offers a quit coach at no charge for patients trying to stop smoking. They can opt for phone or web-based counseling, and can also sign up to receive personalized text messages through the Text2Quit program. Read more at the quitnow website.

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