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Free app allows you to send HIPAA-compliant texts, images
e-Reports, June 24, 2013
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Gordon Hughes, M.D.

Dear members,

I want to remind you that as an ISMA member, you now have free access to a physicians-only smartphone app that enables you and other users to exchange patient information in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

DocbookMD, which we introduced to you last month, serves as a convenient way to share patient information at the point-of-care. It lets you attach high-resolution images – EKGs, X-rays, photos – and other content like diagnosis, test results and medical history, to any message. Also, you’ll be able to customize DocbookMD to communicate with non-physician staff at your practice, at your discretion.

In addition, DocbookMD features accurate contact information on physicians in Indiana – phone numbers and email addresses – as well as details on local pharmacies across the state.

Every message sent using the app meets HIPAA requirements for “encryption and the security of protected health information,” says DocbookMD. Company officials explain, “This is accomplished through technology that keeps everything encrypted on the DocbookMD server. Messages are not downloaded to the phone, but are viewed from the phone.”

DocbookMD also stresses that it employs a “closed network and only physicians have access to the app…(and) physicians are also required to sign a HIPAA agreement before using the app.” Also, DocbookMD reminds you that physicians who text each other clinical information risk exposing themselves to HIPAA privacy and security violations.

More than 14,000 physicians are now using DocbookMD across the U.S. In Indiana, the DocbookMD app is available only to medical society member physicians. The software works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices – and can be used on multiple devices, one phone and one tablet per user.

Visit the ISMA DocbookMD page to learn more and get started. For questions, contact the ISMA’s Sandy Miller at (800) 257-4762.


Gordon M. Hughes, M.D.

ISMA President

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