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New options let you save up to 30 percent on 2014 ISMA dues
e-Reports, April 15, 2013
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New discounts show how ISMA is member driven
ISMA policy is created by members, like you. Members, a member group or local medical societies introduce resolutions each year, and those resolutions come before the House of Delegates at the annual meeting in September.

If you have an issue that concerns you, consider seeking action through a resolution. All 2013 resolutions must be submitted to the ISMA by July 22. Only ISMA members may submit resolutions.

To write a resolution:

  1. Determine a clear action or stand you want the ISMA to take and reasons why.
  2. Write a short title.
  3. Include your name or names of members introducing the resolution.
  4. Develop one or more “Whereas” statements explaining the issue and why ISMA action is requested.
  5. Conclude with one or more “Resolved” statements that stand alone and say what you want the ISMA to do in a clear action plan.

The ISMA staff is always willing to help with resolutions. Call (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060. Also, check the ISMA’s current policy on issues on the ISMA website.

The ISMA has an important announcement about how you can save money on your next membership renewal. Like all ISMA actions, these new discount options are offered to you as a result of a resolution adopted by the House of Delegates.

In 2012, delegates from around the state approved Resolution 12-17 ISMA Discount of Dues, authored by the ISMA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, to increase membership and give us a stronger voice.

“The ISMA wants to take steps to assure that it represents the majority of physicians in Indiana – long into the future,” said Gordon Hughes, M.D., ISMA president. Furthermore, the ISMA Bylaws do require that the “amount of dues for this Association shall be fixed from time to time by the House of Delegates.”

As a result, the ISMA will present two ways to pay less on 2014 dues: a discount for groups or a discount for prepayment. Other state medical societies, like Massachusetts, have adopted similar discount strategies that succeeded in increasing their membership.

However, please note that these discounts may not apply to component county and district medical societies, which will make decisions about their own discounts. At presstime for this issue, the following county societies had announced participation in the group discount (county dues amounts are in parentheses):

Grant ($150)

Hamilton ($50)

Johnson ($150)

Lake ($250)

Shelby ($60)

Tippecanoe ($80)

Wabash ($50)

Please contact your county society for information about any potential discounts on county and district dues for 2014. Here are details on the ISMA discount options.

Definition of “group practice”

The ISMA defines a group practice as consisting of one or more physicians organized as a partnership, professional corporation, foundation, not-for-profit corporation, practice plan or similar association operating as a single entity.

Discount for groups of 5 or fewer physicians

This discount is offered to small practices that by Jan. 15, 2014, pay ISMA, district and county medical society dues in advance for multiple years as indicated below:Under 5 discounts

Discount for groups of 5 to 49 physicians

This discount is based on the percentage of physicians paying by Jan. 15, 2014, according to the following structure:Over 5 discounts

Discount for groups of 50 or more physicians

The ISMA has the authority to negotiate annual discounts for larger groups, and the discount offers may be subject to approval by the ISMA Board of Trustees.

YOU must take action
Whether you qualify for the group discount or choose to benefit from the prepay option, it’s up to you to take the next step!

Discuss the options offered with your physician group and have someone from your office contact the ISMA as soon as possible to begin the qualification process. Don’t delay! Administrative activities and dues payment must all be completed by Jan. 15, 2014.

You’ll also be receiving a letter in the mail about these options. If you have questions after reading the materials, call the ISMA at (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060. You may email Vicki Riley, ISMA’s membership services coordinator.

Or you may contact your field representative:

Tom Lux Jr. Tom Dixon
 Field Representative  Field Representative
 Central/Southern area  Northern area


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