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Don’t miss these two important CME programs
e-Reports, April 15, 2013
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Responsible Pain Management Prescribing: Strategies for everyday practice
Seminar imageMake sure you are up to date on the latest pain management practices to avoid scrutiny from state and federal agents. Learn to use patient contracts and other prescribing options for chronic pain patients, particularly difficult patients, and gain an understanding about how the patient/physician relationship can help you safely manage troubling situations.

This session will explore alternative therapies to managing chronic pain – other than controlled substance prescriptions. The half-day program will serve as an introduction or refresher about the physician’s role in ensuring safe pain management. Discover how your colleagues are using medications, such as Suboxone, in the treatment of addiction.


At the conclusion of this live activity, learners should be able to:

  • Identify signs of a patient addicted to pain medication
  • Implement specific tools and communication strategies for discussing pain management with patients, especially difficult patients
  • Employ physician/patient contracts for pain management medications by using examples
  • Understand obligations and liabilities that come with pain management prescribing
  • Recommend non-pharmaceutical/alternative methods to treat pain
  • Increase physician knowledge of medication-assisted treatment and the most common medications used in the treatment of opioid dependence, including methadone, naltrexone and buprenorphine (Suboxone)

ISMA Member: $89
Nonmember Physician: $149
ISMA Resident: $0
Nonmember Resident: $50
Student: $0

Randy Stevens, M.D.
, chair of the ISMA Commission on Physician Assistance - Prescribing controlled substance in today’s world; how to best handle difficult patients while managing pain; and how to use patient/physician contracts when prescribing controlled substances

Palmer MacKie, M.D., assistant professor of Clinical Medicine, IU School of Medicine - Alternative therapies to managing chronic pain

Marc Duerden, M.D., with Rehabilitation Association of Indiana PC - Use of Suboxone for patients dealing with addictions

Registration - both sessions 
If you have questions for either event, contact Jill Bruce. To register for either event, send an email or register here.

2013 Indiana Legislative Wrap-up
LegisWrap515Each year, the Indiana General Assembly works on legislation that has the potential to affect the practice of medicine, patient care and/or public health in Indiana – and 2013 is no different. Following the close of this year’s session, the ISMA’s Director of Government Relations, Michael Rinebold, will update you on newly passed legislation in a live webinar.

You will also learn how to initiate legislation through resolutions to the ISMA House of Delegates and through your area representatives on the ISMA’s Commission on Legislation.

At the conclusion of this live activity, learners should be able to:

  • List the 2013 state legislation affecting the practice of medicine, patient care and/or public health
  • Describe the affect each bill will have on the practice of medicine, patient care and/or public health
  • Apply deadlines, dates and/or new requirements from this legislation to their practice of medicine
  • Prepare a resolution to the ISMA House of Delegates on issues affecting the practice of medicine, patient care and/or public health and know what the applicable deadlines and requirements are for doing so
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