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Pre-book your vaccine now for next year’s flu season
e-Reports, March 4, 2013
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While influenza continues to be at its peak, now is the time to pre-book your vaccine orders for the 2013-2014 flu season.

However, as an ISMA member, you can take advantage of special discounts through Atlantic Health Partners at no extra cost to you. This special member benefit helps you get the most favorable vaccine prices and terms for Sanofi’s Fluzone, Merck’s Afluria and Medimmune’s Flumist.

“It’s important for physicians to offer flu vaccine to their patients,” said Jeff Winokur, CEO of Atlantic Health Partners. “Studies show that patients are more likely to get vaccinated when their doctor offers it. This also helps strengthen the patient relationship and helps maintain the medical home as the source for all immunizations and preventive services.”

Atlantic also provides these additional services:

  • Reimbursement support for vaccines
  • Discounts for medical supplies and related services
  • Assistance in administering shingles and pertussis vaccines through the Medicare Part D Program
  • Discounts for Migali Scientific refrigerator/freezers

Learn more by calling Winokur or Cindy Berenson at (800) 741-2044 or email them.

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