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Giving season means ALL seasons for these ISMA members
e-Reports, Dec. 17, 2012
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Physicians at all stages of their careers – full-time, semi-retired and retired – take time to give back to their communities throughout the year.

During this season of good will and giving, ISMA Reports traditionally takes time to recognize the contributions our members make to their towns and cities all across Indiana. These role models make us all proud.

Dr. Miller
Photo courtesy of Lathay Pegues of The Star Press in Muncie

Keith Miller, M.D.

Mission trips to foreign lands have long been part of life for Keith Miller, M.D. Now semi-retired, Dr. Miller works part-time and takes call for Central Indiana Orthopedics. And he has taken to using his new free hours to renovate old homes for the poor in his community.

“I loved orthopaedics and surgery and still enjoy taking call but have always felt nudged to do something more for others,” he said. “There are things I always wanted to do, and I feel very blessed to be able to do them now.”

Dr. Miller brought his idea of fixing up dilapidated houses to his pastor and the pastor of a south side Muncie neighborhood church. He thought it would be a good way for retired people to get together.

Soon after, in September 2011, they started rehabilitating their first house, a duplex that could give shelter to two families. Dr. Miller and friends finished that house last October and in January will start on two deserted homes they obtained through tax sales.

Dr. SparzoJohn Sparzo, M.D., M.B.A.

John Sparzo, M.D., M.B.A., encourages fitness in his community by working to improve the Hendricks County park system and natural resources. His efforts have supported the development of the B&O Railway trail and the acquisition of land to build additional parks.

“I have always had an interest in conservation,” said Dr. Sparzo. “I enjoy the outdoors. Knowing that this county is deficient in park lands has been a motivator for me.”

Dr. Sparzo led a partnership between Hendricks Regional Health and the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis. The collaboration resulted in creation of a facility that offers traditional health care services integrated with fitness and wellness activities.

“Whether it’s trails, parks or a facility, the key is providing an access point to support fitness,” he said.

“Physicians tend to be busy and value their free time,” he noted. “But getting involved in the community is good for your mental health.”

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