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Keep the ISMA working on your agenda; renew today!
e-Reports, Nov. 5, 2012
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Delegates from your district who attended the ISMA annual convention in September agreed to take action on many of the 61 resolutions presented by you, the members. Those resolutions set an agenda for ISMA leaders and staff who will work all year to accomplish the goals you set.

Now do your part by maintaining your membership. Follow up on the dues statement recently mailed to you. Renew today to keep the ISMA strong and able to complete your agenda.

The ISMA is already the largest physician organization in the state – and more members means more clout to make changes for patients and physicians in Indiana.

As you read your dues billing, note that you need to pay only ISMA, district and county dues to retain your ISMA membership. Other amounts are important, but optional.

Prefer to renew online? You can do that right now by visiting the ISMA website.

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