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Convention’s new IMPAC Lounge called a ‘homerun’
e-Reports, Oct. 9, 2012
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New to convention this year, the IMPAC Lounge scored a ”homerun,” in the words of one convention-goer. IMPAC is the ISMA’s political action committee, and the lounge was open to IMPAC members or ISMA members who joined IMPAC during convention weekend. The space offered refreshments, election information and opportunities to meet candidates of both political parties from around Indiana.

The weekend netted $16,070 in contributions and pledges to IMPAC from 56 different contributors. IMPAC funds are used to help elect or re-elect candidates of either party who are supportive of physicians and their issues.

 IMPAC lounge
In the IMPAC Lounge, (left to right) Immediate Past President Thomas Vidic, M.D., and Past President Brent Mohr, M.D., chat with IMPAC Luncheon speaker Stuart Varney and President-Elect Deepak Azad, M.D.

A challenge to get 100 percent of delegates from the various counties to be IMPAC members proved successful – with 23 counties ending the weekend at 100 percent participation. Indianapolis Medical Society, the largest county contributor for 2012, gave $9,705, which is 28 percent of all county contributions for the year.

The IMPAC Lounge also scored with a long list of notable visitors including three congressmen, seven state legislators, the state treasurer, the AMA President, as well as FOX News Channel’s Stuart Varney, who was the IMPAC Luncheon speaker.

“I was pleased to see the positive response to the IMPAC Lounge and look forward to its return next year,” said Mike Rinebold, director of Government Relations.

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