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The new Medicare contractor is now Wisconsin Physician Services
e-Reports, Aug. 20, 2012
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The publish date of this issue of ISMA Reports, Aug. 20, is also the “go live” date for the switch to a new Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) for Indiana Part B, Jurisdiction 8 (J8). Wisconsin Physicians Service or WPS will now process all your Medicare claims, rather than National Government Services (NGS).

What follows are some reminders and details important to this changeover.


 Aug 17 - Last day EDI claims will be accepted for Part B Indiana providers using contract number 00630; the new J8 contract number is 08102. - Last day NGS will issue checks and EFT payments.

Aug. 18 - Cutover begins for WPS J8

Aug. 20 - Dark day for WPS J8; limited online system availability and first day WPS J8 MAC accepts paper claims

Aug. 21 - "Go Live" - WPS J8 MAC Indiana Part B transition complete; customer service and self-service tools begin and payment cycle starts

Important things to know
1099 Forms - You will receive two 1099 forms for 2012. One will come from NGS and the other from WPS J8 MAC.

CMS-855 Provider Enrollment Forms - You do not need to complete CMS-855 Enrollment Forms for this transition; this information has been provided to WPS.

Cash Flow - Although the online system will not be available on Aug. 20, WPS will run a normal claims processing cycle for Indiana Part B, ensuring a smooth cash flow to the state provider community.

Contact Center Availability - To assist you in planning communication with WPS, here are Contact Center details:

  • On Aug. 21, the Contact Center and all WPS J8 MAC Medicare business areas will be available during normal business hours.
  • Contact Center staff will accept calls from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET at (855) 474-0049.
  • Find additional contact information here.

Call volume may be heavy at first, so remember the availability of online self-service tools on the WPS website and the IVR, (877) 567-7201.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment - If you are currently enrolled to submit EDI transactions, you will not have to submit a new EDI Enrollment Form. Providers will need to change their current contract code to the new WPS J8 MAC contract codes on the weekend of the cutover; here are details:

  • The new contract code is 08102.
  • WPS J8 MAC has worked with each Network Service Vendor (NSV) to ensure no disruption in service to providers.
  • Continue to use your current submitter IDs for J8 transmissions.
  • CMS requires trading partners to submit 5010 transactions.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) - WPS Medicare requires new EFT agreements with all transitioning Indiana Medicare Part B providers presently paid via EFT. WPS sent letters regarding EFT agreements. If you have not submitted a new CMS-588 EFT agreement, you may experience a delay or interruption in Medicare claims payment. Find more information here.

For implementation definitions and more details, visit the WPS website.


  • Electronic claims test submissions are not necessary.
  • Continue to use the same submitter IDs for electronic claims submissions.
  • Change the Contract Code (to 08102) before submitting electronic claims to WPS.
  • Send a new EFT agreement to WPS J8 MAC.
  • Duplicate submissions are not necessary; all pending work from NGS will transition to WPS.
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