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Physicians need strong IMPAC
e-Reports, June 25, 2012
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Protecting patients and the future of the profession requires ongoing dialogue with elected officials about the needs of medicine. One of the most effective means of supporting good candidates and policies is through the ISMA’s Indiana Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC).

Established to unite physicians, IMPAC serves as a megaphone through which the collective voice of ISMA members can be heard by those in politics. Member contributions through IMPAC cover ISMA activities in support of political campaigns for both federal and state candidates.

“Maintaining IMPAC’s strength and effectiveness in a rapidly changing practice environment is crucial,” said Ronald Downs, M.D., IMPAC chair.

One of those changes is a challenge to the constitutionality of our malpractice cap on damages. Plank vs. Community Hospital, currently before the Indiana Supreme Court, is the most significant case in more than 30 years. If it succeeds, physicians will have unlimited liability in medical malpractice cases.

“If the court rules against the cap, our only alternative is the state legislature where the malpractice law was created,” Dr. Downs.

“If we lose the law, we will have to demonstrate significant unity among Indiana physicians by presenting a large, active PAC with both members and dollars,” said the Elkhart plastic surgeon and former ISMA president.

Dr. Downs urges all ISMA members to contribute to IMPAC. 

To join, contact Vicki Riley at (800) 257-4762.

Find information about IMPAC on their website.

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