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Almost half of Indiana physicians e-prescribe
e-Reports, June 25, 2012
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Since 2010, the number of Indiana physicians and other providers who are e-prescribing has increased 114 percent. Nationally, the number of all e-prescribing physicians increased from 36 percent in 2010 to 58 percent in 2011.

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A 2011 study released by Surescripts reported that 47.1 percent of Indiana physicians were meeting the Stage 1 Meaningful Use e-prescribing measure, ranking the state 17th in the nation.

“We have made significant improvements from 2009 to 2010, but not as quickly as other states,” explained Andrew VanZee, statewide director of health information technology. “Physicians are still getting started with electronic health records, so I expect to see a continued increase.”

In 2008, more than 1 million prescriptions were routed electronically in Indiana. This year, VanZee expects to see that number increase to 18 million.

“One thing holding the state back is the inability to electronically prescribe controlled substances,” explained VanZee. “About 20 percent of prescriptions involve these drugs."

The first of its kind in the U.S., “The National Progress Report” provided a measure of actual adoption and use of e-prescribing nationwide from 2008 through 2011. It included two studies: one that measures the impact of e-prescribing on medication adherence and a second that analyzed utilization of e-prescribing.

Find the report here.

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