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Convention updates:
Nominate a colleague; shape ISMA policy by introducing a resolution
e-Reports, March 19, 2012
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Nominate a colleague for one of ISMA’s service awards
If you know a colleague or layperson who volunteers admirably in your community, consider nominating that person for one of three awards presented annually during ISMA’s convention.

Physician Community Service Award
This award honors an Indiana physician who has made civic, cultural, social or economic contributions to the community without compensation. Physicians and citizens may submit nominations.

To be eligible, the physician nominee must:

  • Be licensed within the state of Indiana
  • Be living
  • Not have received the award previously
  • Have an outstanding record of community service, apart from specific identification as a physician, that reflects well on the profession

TrophyPatient Health Advocate Award
Only ISMA physician members may submit nominations for this award that recognizes a non-physician who has made great contributions to the health and well-being of Hoosier patients.

Nominations must include:

  • Current biography of the nominee
  • Letter of recommendation outlining contributions of the nominee
  • Articles or documents highlighting the nominee’s commitments to the health of Indiana citizens

Dr. Kathleen Galbraith Legacy Leadership Award
In memory of long-time ISMA member Kathleen Galbraith, M.D., this award honors those who share her passion to increase awareness of domestic violence in Indiana.

To be nominated, applicants:

  • Must be living
  • Can be a legislator, physician or layperson
  • May not have received this award previously
  • Must be nominated only by an ISMA committee, commission or member in good standing

Also, nominations must include documentation, including a letter acknowledging the nominee’s qualifications and significant contributions to promote the health and safety of younger members in the community by addressing endangerment issues and/or violence.

The deadline to submit names for all three awards is June 15. Download nomination forms on the ISMA website or for a hard copy, call the ISMA at (317) 261-2060 or (800) 257-4762.

You can shape ISMA policy by introducing a resolution
If you have been reading Legislative News, you’re aware of bills the ISMA supported, opposed or monitored. ISMA’s legislative agenda is driven by its policy. Resolutions introduced by ISMA members at the House of Delegates shape that policy.

Now is the time to prepare resolutions and submit them for the 163rd Annual House of Delegates meeting, Sept. 14-16 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis.

To help you, here is the process for writing and introducing a resolution.

Four steps to a resolution
Resolution picResolutions must be submitted to the ISMA by Monday, July 16. Begin by determining a clear action or stand you would like the ISMA to take on an issue and reasons why. Then follow these four steps:

  1. Write a short title.
  2. Include your name or names of ISMA members introducing the resolution.
  3. Develop one or more “Whereas” statements explaining the issue and why ISMA action is requested.
  4. Conclude with one or more “Resolve” statements that must stand alone and say what you want the ISMA to do in a clear and specific action plan. For example: “Resolved, that the ISMA set up a task force to study the impact of bundled payments on physician practices.”

The ISMA staff will help you prepare a resolution; just call (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060. Only ISMA members may submit resolutions. For examples or to see what issues were addressed during the 2011 House of Delegates, go to the ISMA website.

Reference committee process
After you submit a resolution, it will be assigned to one of four reference committees:

  • Reference Committee 1, ISMA and AMA Matters and Constitution and Bylaws
  • Reference Committee 2, Legislative Issues
  • Reference Committee 3, Socio-Economic and Regulatory Issues
  • Reference Committee 4, Public Health Issues

These committees will meet Saturday, Sept. 15. You or a designated representative will be asked to attend and respond to questions about your resolution.

Also prior to that date, you will be asked to provide additional background information for committee members to explain or support your issue.

Any ISMA member may serve on a reference committee. If you are interested, please call the ISMA for information at (317) 261-2060 or (800) 257-4762.

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