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The ISDH gives you tips to effectively manage diluent
e-Reports, Jan. 23, 2012
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If you participate in the Vaccines for Children program, you may want to make sure your doses of diluent match the doses of vaccine. Officials at the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) are receiving requests from physicians for additional doses of diluent, indicating it may not be managed effectively.

“Physicians should always check the number of doses of diluent and vaccine when a shipment arrives,” advised Joan Duwve, M.D., medical director for the ISDH. “If there is a shortage, physicians should contact the ISDH immediately. We also suggest physicians keep a diligent eye on the expiration dates of both the diluents and vaccine.”

Dr. Duwve offers these suggestions:

  • Rotate stock so that diluent with the shortest expiration dates are used first.
  • Store diluent according to the manufacturer’s instructions in either the refrigerator or at room temperature. Never expose diluent to freezing temperatures.
  • Store refrigerated diluent with corresponding vaccine (these diluents may contain vaccine antigen) in the original box.
  • Label all diluent not packaged with the vaccine to prevent reconstitution errors.
  • Diluent (expired or not expired) should never be returned to McKesson. All unused diluent should be disposed of properly using medical waste disposal procedures.

For questions, call Jill King at the ISDH at (317) 233-8460.

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