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The ISMA has at least a dozen ways to save you money in 2012
e-Reports, Jan. 9, 2012
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This year, like always, you will be focused on keeping your patients healthy. The ISMA’s focus will be advocating for your well-being, and that includes partnering to keep your practice healthy. Through recessions and depressions – for more than 160 years – we’ve been dedicated to helping you care for patients.

We know (because members have told us) that just one of the tips offered here can improve your bottom line and recoup the dollars you spend on ISMA membership. Using several can grow your revenue in the coming year, despite the economic challenges.

  1. Use Office Depot to purchase office supplies and earn as much as 60 to 80 percent off the list price of common products. 
  2. Call the ISMA Coding Hotline for the correct code; don’t guess and have the claim denied or payment delayed.
  3. Obtain a quote from the ISMA Insurance Agency and let our support staff act as your advocate – getting you the most from any plan.
  4. Market yourself with ISMA’s free online Membership Directory to secure referrals. It’s located here.
  5. Contact our practice advisors for help getting rejected claims – Medicare, Medicaid or commercial – reimbursed.
  6. Save premium dollars and enjoy capped liability when you buy appropriate medical malpractice insurance, largely due to the ISMA’s protection of our malpractice law.
  7. Get discounts on Sanofi and Merck vaccines, as well as medical, surgical and other supplies with Atlantic Health Partners.
  8. Call the ISMA legal staff before you sign a contract that could cost you later. 
  9. Order an electronic medical record system through Allscripts or athenahealth and enjoy a discount (when all members of the practice are ISMA members).
  10. Train your staff with ISMA seminars; confident employees get claims paid correctly and pursue improper denials.
  11. Avoid legal trouble by calling the ISMA legal staff or checking the tips and information on the Legal Resources portion of ISMA’s website.
  12. Read ISMA Reports regularly to stay current on changes and updates that could cost you in fines and penalties.

Find information on these member benefits and more on the ISMA website member benefits guide.

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