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New IHCP tool offers trial run for some claims
e-Reports, Dec. 5, 2011
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If you’ve ever puzzled about whether a code would be “disallowed” and wanted answers after hours when no one is around, you’ll want to know about Clear Claim Connection™ Untitled document

A new tool from the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) is netting rave reviews from medical practices, and if you don’t know about it, you’re missing out. Since April, Medicaid physician practices throughout the state have enjoyed access to Clear Claim Connection™ or, as it’s now commonly called, C3.

You no longer have to wonder: Would the codes for this surgery be disallowed? Since October 2010, IHCP has applied code auditing methods of the National Correct Coding Initiative to CMS1500 claims and outpatient UB-04 claims.

With C3, physicians and other providers can access the program’s coding and editing rules through Web interChange. This transparency offers you:

  • Rationales for each edit
  • Policy and editing logic to improve physician and outpatient hospital coding
  • Reduced administrative costs associated with your claim resubmissions
  • Access to code auditing methodologies 24 hours a day, seven days a week

“I highly recommend this tool,” said Aunita Feeney, R.N., staff nurse and office manager for ob/gyn Timothy Feeney, M.D., in Indianapolis. She has been using the tool for several weeks.

“If we’re planning surgery for a patient and there are tricky codes involved, I can enter them into Clear Claim Connection™ and it will tell me if there’s a problem with the codes.” It’s like a trial run for a potential claim.

However, you should be aware claims may encounter other system edits/audits during processing that may impact final claim adjudication.

The key to accessing Clear Claim Connection™ is having a provider number in the system with authorization to access the claim submission portion of Web interChange. If you already have identifications and passwords for Web interChange, use your existing log-on information to access C3. If not, request log-in identifiers on the Medicaid website.

Click on Web interchange and then “How to Obtain an ID.” Follow instructions provided. “The registration process is short, quick and not too complicated,” noted Feeney.

To use the Clear Claim Connection™ tool, log onto Web interChange, click “Claim Submission” and in then Clear Claim Connection™ in the Code Auditing Section. Follow the prompts to provide your National Provider Identifier and other information.

“C3 is a huge time-saver,” said Feeney. “I call this a trial run for the claim, and I use the system now probably a couple times a week.”

Getting it right the first time is better than getting a denial and having to resubmit the claim, she added.

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