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Streamline your claims process with new AMA resources
e-Reports, Nov. 21, 2011
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In recognition of “Heal that Claim”™ month, the AMA offers new tools to help you cut costs and speed payments through the use of electronic claim transactions. The AMA encourages electronic claims because they can provide financial savings for both physician practices and health plans.

The online toolkits and webinars can help you:

  • Learn how to use electronic health care transactions
  • Discover reasons why health insurers deny claims on the electronic remittance advice (ERAs) you receive and determine the best steps you can take to reverse denials
  • Find information that will help you with various electronic transactions, such as electronic funds transfer and eligibility
  • Learn how to select a practice management system that will reduce your time spent on administrative tasks, saving you money

“Resolving questions of insurance eligibility, submitting claims to insurers and keeping track of the process can be costly and time consuming,” said AMA President Peter W. Carmel, M.D. “The AMA can help physicians streamline each step of the claims process and keep it running smoothly.”

Learn more here.

Additionally, the AMA has created the Paperless Practice Group designed to encourage dialogue between physician practices, health insurers and intermediaries. It provides a forum to ask questions and learn about automating a medical practice.

The online forum is free but requires you to create an account. Find it on the AMA website.

The AMA designates each November as “Heal that Claim”™ month.

Find information on the AMA "Health that Claim"™ page.

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