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The ISMA’s efforts to clarify new pathology billing law continue
e-Reports, Nov. 7, 2011
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After a new law took effect July 1 restricting how pathology services can be billed in Indiana, the ISMA began seeking clarification for physician practices. As communicated previously, the new law has left many offices confused as to how it applies to their billing processes. (See ISMA Reports of July 11)

At the ISMA’s urging, the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana (MLB) discussed the law at its June 23 monthly meeting but declined to opine on hypothetical scenarios, issue guidance or promulgate clarifying rules. According to the MLB, its role is to decide cases before it, based on actual facts available.

Again at its July 28 monthly meeting, the MLB discussed the law but declined to issue guidance.

An ISMA resolution
Several ISMA member dermatologists introduced Resolution 11-33 at the 2011 House of Delegates, asking the ISMA to:

  • Adopt AMA Code of Ethics Statement E-8.09 
  • Collaborate with interested parties to encourage the appropriate state agency to issue an advisory opinion on the new law to ensure compliance
  • Seek clarification of the law, if necessary, through the legislative process or other means.

ISMA delegates voted Sept. 18 to refer the resolution to the ISMA Board of Trustees for Action. The Board will next meet on Sunday, Nov. 20.

In the days leading up to the ISMA annual convention, State Representative David Frizzell, who sponsored the legislation for several years for the Indiana Association of Pathologists, sent a letter to Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller seeking clarification of the new law.

Following a response from Attorney General Zoeller, ISMA’s Board will be better able to determine our next steps. Continue reading ISMA Reports for updates on this issue.

If you have further questions, contact the ISMA Government Relations or Legal departments at (317) 261-2060 or (800) 257-4762.

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