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The ISMA participates in work group on health insurance exchanges
e-Reports, Oct. 24, 2011
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What’s the status of health insurance exchanges in Indiana and their impact on you and your patients?

Stay tuned. The ISMA participates in the 40-member Indiana Health Exchange Work Group that is setting guiding principles for how any exchange will be governed and who the stakeholders will be.

Georgia Tuttle, M.D.

The work group sponsored a recent symposium in Indianapolis that brought together experts in medicine, insurance and health policy to discuss how exchanges could benefit Indiana.

AMA Board of Trustees member Georgia Tuttle, M.D., who was invited by the ISMA to participate in a panel discussion, reinforced the need for physicians to be involved in the process.

“Actively practicing physicians should be included in exchange governance structures,” explained Dr. Tuttle. “We think that it is a major mistake for states to categorically exclude physicians from exchange governance structures, and we were pleased to see that the proposed federal exchange regulations agree with us on this point. Physicians will be able to provide important information in the establishment of the exchanges, and they will be able to offer frontline feedback once the exchanges are operational, including helping them to change course as needed.”

By executive order, Indiana is one of four states moving to create a health insurance exchange. Under the Affordable Care Act, states have until 2013 to make key decisions on exchanges. Read the executive order here.

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