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On behalf of all ISMA members:
Thank you to all who served on reference committees
e-Reports, Oct. 11, 2011
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Actions of the House of Delegates each year revolve around the recommendations of the reference committees. Members donate their time – some repeatedly over the years – and conscientiously study and debate the issues to reach consensus on each topic.To all who served this year, your concern and commitment to Indiana patients and physicians are very much appreciated. We applaud you!

Cmt 1
REFERENCE COMMITTEE 1, ISMA and AMA Matters and Constitution and Bylaws
Robert Hurwitz, M.D., District 7; Ashis Chakrabarti, M.D., District 5; Richard Miethke, M.D., (chair) District 4; Sharon Singleton, M.D., District 12; Robert Lodge-Rigal, M.D., District 2; and Stacie Wenk, D.O., (alternate, not pictured) District 1
Cmt 2
REFERENCE COMMITTEE 2, Legislative Issues
Mary McAteer, M.D., District 7; Stephen Tharp, M.D., District 9; Jerome Adams, M.D., District 9; William Pond, M.D., (chair) District 12; and Deborah Goldman, M.D., District 1
Cmt 3
REFERENCE COMMITTEE 3, Socio-Economic and Regulatory Issues
Frank Lloyd Jr., M.D., District 7; Stephen Baldwin, M.D., District 3; Cindy Basinski, M.D., (chair) District 1; Robert Dinn, M.D., District 11; Fritz-Jose Chandler, M.D., District 9 (not pictured); and Teresa Lovins, M.D. (alternate, not pictured) District 4
Cmt 4
REFERENCE COMMITTEE 4, Public Health Issues
Max Henry, M.D., District 4; Steven Rupert, D.O., District 1; Daniel Wegg, M.D., District 8;Melany Rookstool, M.D., District 9; and John Ellis, M.D., (chair) District 7
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