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ISMA member earns first Medicaid EHR incentive payment
e-Reports, July 25, 2011
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Achieve meaningful use with an electronic health record (EHR) system and you really can earn a payback for your technology investment. Just ask ISMA member Lisa Holtsclaw, D.O., of Fort Wayne. She became the first health care provider to be recognized by Indiana Medicaid for complying with federal requirements to streamline adoption of electronic recordkeeping.

Dr. Holtsclaw received a check for $21,250 – and that’s just the start. She can earn up to $63,750 over six years for her effective use of health information technology.

 Dr. Holtsclaw's office
Above, left to right: Jared Linder, Medicaid Health IT coordinator; Jeff Holtsclaw, practice administrator, Holtsclaw Medical Centre; Mike Nissenbaum, chief executive officer, Aprima Medical Software, Inc.; Lisa Holtsclaw, D.O., Holtsclaw Medical Centre; and Andrew VanZee, Indiana Statewide Health Information Technology coordinator.

The electronic capabilities add value for patients. For example, if a drug is recalled the medical practice can immediately identify patients prescribed that drug and alert them. “Our goal has always been to provide the greatest patient experience possible,” said Dr. Holtsclaw.

Her husband, Jeff Holtsclaw, who serves as practice administrator, explained, “By partnering with Aprima, our EHR vendor, we have streamlined processes and increased the amount of face-to-face interaction between our staff, the doctor and the patient. Our EHR has also allowed a more efficient use of space. By not having a ‘chart room’ we have increased the number of exam rooms, which in turn allows for greater patient care to be delivered.”

Starting the practice five years ago, the couple had an initial interest in electronic recordkeeping out of a desire to eliminate paper and become environmentally friendly. “There were no financial incentives to switch over to electronic recordkeeping five years ago," Holtsclaw said. "Since then, technology has advanced to where its use has the ability to impact patient care in meaningful ways."

Holtsclaw Medical Centre was guided through stage one of the certification process by the Indiana Health Information Technology Extension Center (I-HITEC) at Purdue University. Learn about Indiana’s two extension centers at Purdue and near Cincinnati.

The submission process was seamless. “We registered at the CMS website and then logged in through the Indiana Interchange site to complete registration and attestation. Once we registered, we faxed our forms to the state for processing,” said Holtsclaw.

The electronic transfer of funds was completed about two weeks later.

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