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Medicaid pay boost slow to come
e-Reports, March 18, 2013
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In January, the ISMA and others told you about a Medicaid pay hike for primary care physicians, mandated for two years by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Where’s the pay raise? Still on its way.

The final federal rule gave states until March 31 to devise plans for the payments that must be submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Then, CMS has 90 days to approve those plans. That’s the reason for the delay. However, each state must pay the rate increase retroactively to Jan. 1.

The pay hike is for family medicine, internal medicine and general pediatricians only. You must self-attest that you are board certified in those specialties or that a minimum of 60 percent of your evaluation and management (E/M) coding is for primary care services.

See the final rule in the Federal Register.

April Fool’s Day pay cut – for real
The federal budget sequester, meantime, will bring a 2 percent reduction in Medicare pay, beginning April 1. At presstime, this change had not been blocked or delayed.

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