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Your involvement can impact the direction of the ISMA
e-Reports, March 18, 2013
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The ISMA annual convention Sept. 20-22 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, offers opportunities you don’t want to miss, such as introducing or recommending proposals that set policy for the association. Start preparing now; here’s how.

Introduce a resolution

Important dates you don't want to forget
  • June 21 – Nominations are due for the Physician Community Service Award, Patient Health Advocate Award and Kathleen Galbraith Award
    (See here for details.)
  • July 22 – Deadline to submit resolutions
  • Sept. 20-22 – The ISMA’s 164th Annual Convention, JW Marriott, Indianapolis

ISMA policy is created by members, like you, who introduce resolutions. In fact, much of our legislative efforts are directed by your resolutions. If you have an issue that concerns you, consider putting your thoughts into a resolution. But don’t wait! Resolutions must be submitted to the ISMA by July 22.

Simple steps for writing a resolution
By following these five easy steps, you can write a resolution:

  1. Determine a clear action or stand you would like the ISMA to take on an issue and the reasons why.
  2. Write a short title.
  3. Include your name or names of ISMA members introducing the resolution.
  4. Develop one or more “Whereas” statements explaining the issue and why ISMA action is requested.
  5. Conclude with one or more “Resolved” statements that must stand alone and say what you want the ISMA to do in a clear and concise action plan.

For example: “RESOLVED, that the ISMA form an ad hoc commission to study the problem of drug-addicted neonates and propose a solution within one year.”

Need help?
The ISMA staff is always willing to help you with your resolution. Simply call (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060. Only ISMA members may submit resolutions. 

Also, check the ISMA’s current policy on issues on the ISMA website.

Serve on a reference committee
You can actually make policy recommendations to the ISMA House of Delegates by serving on a reference committee. Each year, a total of 24 physicians is needed to serve on these four committees:

  1. ISMA/AMA Matters and Constitution and Bylaws
  2. Legislative Issues
  3. Socio-Economic and Regulatory Issues
  4. Public Health

Each committee member is responsible for:

  • Reviewing resolutions and appropriate background prior to meeting on Saturday, Sept. 21
  • Thoroughly investigating each proposal during the reference committee session
  • Working with fellow committee members to create a report for the House of Delegates immediately following the hearing
  • Attending the second session of the ISMA House of Delegates on Sunday, Sept. 22, to deliver the committee’s recommendations to delegates in attendance

If you are interested in serving, contact the ISMA at (317) 261-2060, or (800) 257-4762, or email Rhonda Bennett.

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