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Government Relations
Key Contact Program

Even though the ISMA brings the voice of physicians in Indiana to legislators, it is important that they also hear from you individually.

The Key Contact Program has been established to help Indiana physicians bring their concerns to Indiana legislators on the state and federal level.  

Become a Key Contact:
Help advocate for physicians and patients -- now easily and simply through voterVOICE.

Remember that legislators are generally very accessible

When the General Assembly is out of session, legislators spend the majority of their time in the districts they represent, not at the Statehouse. Statehouse staff will pass along your mail and phone messages for legislators during these months.

However, such a schedule makes it easy to set up a meeting with your legislator near your home or practice during off-session months (generally between May and December). You would be surprised how eager legislators are to sit down and talk to their constituents face-to-face, especially professionals who have significant expertise on issues that they are, or will be, debating at the Statehouse.

Use your knowledge and experiences in the health care field to help guide your legislators in making positive, constructive health law in Indiana! The ISMA can help make your message more effective.

Set up a meeting with your legislator


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