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Pharmaceutical Company Disclosures

Pharmaceutical companies use physician prescribing data for customized sales, marketing to physicians and to review sales performance. The AMA created a physician data restriction program (PDRP) which allows individual physicians to decide whether they want their prescribing data to be shared with pharmaceutical sales representatives. While giving physicians this choice, the PDRP still ensures that vital information on prescribing patterns will continue to be available for beneficial public health purposes.

Physicians can opt out of releasing prescribing records to pharmaceutical companies through the AMA’s Web site. Pharmaceutical companies are required to check the opt-out list at least quarterly, and then have ninety days to comply. Additionally, physicians can report inappropriate behavior of pharmaceutical sales representatives by filing a complaint through PDRP. Physicians also have the ability to make general observations about the use of prescribing data. Physicians who are interested should visit the AMA’s Web site for more information. 




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