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In-House Education

Can your practice demonstrate compliance with the federally mandated requirements for the privacy and security of patient information?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, affects virtually every physician practice and insurance payer in the country. Its regulations closely define the security of patient information to ensure confidentiality among physicians, patients and health plans.

We will conduct an on-site visit to help you and your office manager determine what changes should be made in your medical practice to comply with HIPAA regulations.

That includes:

  • Identifying areas of exposure
  • Reviewing existing policies and procedures
  • Providing staff training
  • Assisting in development of required policies, procedures and forms

Once the survey is completed, we will train your staff to be 'consciously confidential' with protected health information and ensure they understand why.

To schedule this program, please call (800) 257-4762 to discuss the cost of the program and select a date.

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