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2016 ISMA Convention

Resolutions and the 2016 House of Delegates Handbook are posted on this website for delegates and members to download to their personal devices prior to convention. You may also check the appropriate box on the convention registration form to have the resolutions and handbook:

  1. Sent to you on a flash drive
  2. Available for pick up at the House of Delegates sessions
  3. Download the handbook padlock

Wireless access will again be available at the House of Delegates, allowing you to use your tablet or notebook computer.

What are resolutions?
ISMA resolutions, a privilege of membership, allow you to turn your own concerns into a priority for the organization. By preparing a resolution, you alert your physician colleagues to the importance of an issue to patients or physicians.

When a resolution is adopted, it becomes part of the ISMA's policy or action agenda for the coming year.

ISMA resolutions often become bills that move through the legislature to result in new state law. And frequently, ISMA resolutions are brought before the AMA House of Delegates for further action on a national scale.

Only ISMA members can submit resolutions.


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