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2016 ISMA Convention

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    Resolutions provide one of the best benefits of ISMA membership
    Each year at the ISMA convention, resolutions approved by your delegates determine how the resources and efforts of your organization are allocated – from one September to another. That means you can decide how your dues dollars are spent and what issues should be targeted by ISMA leaders and staff.

    If you and/or some colleagues are concerned about an issue that impacts Indiana patients, physicians or the health care environment in our state, you are not powerless to change things. Your ISMA membership offers you opportunities to impact the future, but you must take that first step: Write a resolution. 

    Note that resolutions are a benefit reserved only for ISMA members. And you have the ISMA staff to help you draft a resolution with the best hope of success.

    Here you will find the tools to help you craft a resolution. You also will find information on how you can honor a colleague or layperson who works hard to make their communities a better place to live and work.

    Be sure to watch this site for more information about the ISMA convention. You don't want to miss it!

    2015 Indiana State Medical Association Convention, Sept. 5-7,
    Westin Hotel, Indianapolis.

    2015 ISMA Physician Community Service Award/Patient Health Advocate Award

    2015 Dr. Kathleen Galbraith Legacy Leadership Award

    Resolution deadline July 7!
    How to write a resolution | 2015 ISMA Resolution Actions padlock


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