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2016 ISMA Convention
Delegate information

So, you’ve been elected to serve as delegate to the ISMA Convention Sept. 24-25. Whether you are a first-time delegate or a veteran, follow these suggestions to make the most of your experience.

In Advance

  • View the appointment as an opportunity to learn more about health and medical policies.
  • Review the resolutions submitted to the House of Delegates (HOD) before you arrive at convention. You’ll receive copies 45 days in advance, and resolutions also will be available on this Web site starting early August.
  • Gather opinions on the resolutions from members of your county medical society. As their HOD representative, you’ll want to be aware of their concerns.

During Convention

  • Attend the opening HOD session on Saturday morning to get acquainted with your ISMA leadership. Candidates are nominated at this session.
  • Hear the heart of the issues at reference committees on Saturday. Listen to testimony, ask questions and share your view or the opinions of your constituents.
  • Review the reference committee reports before the Sunday session.
  • Attend any caucuses your county or other coalitions may have; they’ll be listed in the convention program. The discussion can give you insights about other delegates’ reaction to the reference committee reports.
  • Join the debate! While the HOD uses a consent calendar, you may extract any resolution for discussion. You’ll also vote for new ISMA officers during the Sunday session.

Following the Convention

  • Share what you learned about the issues with your colleagues back home.
  • Refer to the ISMA website convention area for a complete wrap-up of the weekend.
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