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Unite and support physician families to improve and preserve the integrity of medicine throughout Indiana.


  • To work in partnership with ISMA
  • To serve the needs of our medical families through fellowship, friendship, and membership
  • Support and promote medical education
  • Protect the future of medicine through legislative advocacy.


  • Strengthen communication with the ISMA leadership, ISMA-A members, and local Alliance leaders
  • Increase membership at ISMA-A
  • Continue to provide funding for medical education
  • Increase awareness of legislative issues affecting the practice of medicine
Upcoming Board Meetings

March 1, 2017, April 26, 2017, and Aug. 2, 2017

All meetings will be held at the ISMA office unless otherwise noted.

Have something to report? Use the board meeting report form (pdf)
News and Events

Information on the ISMA Alliance Annual Meeting

Look to attend the North Central States Leadership Conference, fall 2017

Read the Alliance newsletter

Health Projects, Ideas and Links

Organella and Inside Clyde Dolls

54321 GO!® INDIANA and EASY healthy lifestyle messages

Other resources for healthy lifestyle and nutrition information


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