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2015-16 Commission on Medical Education
Chair: Karla Zody, MD
Vice Chair: James Buchanan, MD  
ISMA Staff: Shelly Symmes  
    Term Expiration:
District  Committee Member Partial Term 1st Term 2nd Term
1st Stacie Wenk, DO, Evansville 16  
2nd Shalin Arnett, DO, Vincennes 12-13 16
3rd   18  
4th Rahul Dewan, DO, Columbus 15-16  
5th     18  
6th Paul Rider, MD, Richmond 16  
7th Richard Buck, MD, Martinsville 09-10 13 16
7th Joshua Lowinsky, MD, Indianapolis   16  
7th Randy Lee, MD, Indianapolis 10-11 14 17
8th J. Matthew Neal, MD, Muncie 09-10 13 16
9th Richard Gunderman, MD, Zionsville 13-14 17
10th Vijay Davé, MD, Munster 10-11 14 17
11th   16  
12th James Buchanan, MD,
Fort Wayne
11 14 17
13th     18  
AL Darla Grossman, MD, Evansville   16  
AL Karla Zody, MD, Terre Haute   16  
AL Deepak Azad, MD, Scottsburg   16  
ExO Rhonda Sharp, MD, President
ExO Thomas Whiteman, MD, President-Elect
ExO Julie Reed,
Executive Vice President
ExO John McGoff, MD, Speaker
ExO Andrew Trobridge, MD, Vice Speaker
ExO Lisa Hatcher, MD, Board Chair      
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