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2016-17 Sports Medicine Committee
Chair: Stephen Simons, MD  
ISMA Staff: Tom Dixon  
    Term Expiration:
District  Committee Member Partial Term 1st Term 2nd Term
2nd Timothy Steiner, MD,  Bloomington   17  
4th Cary Guse, MD, Columbus 17
6th John F. Miller, MD,
New Castle  
6th Greg Howard, MD, Shelbyville 17
7th John Baldea, MD, Indianapolis 17  
9th Greg Rowdon, MD, Lafayette   17  
9th Scott Curnow, MD, Fishers   17  
12th Robert Wilkins, MD,
Fort Wayne
13th Brian Jacobs, MD, South Bend 17
13th Stephen Simons, MD,
South Bend
MSS Chad Curtis, Indianapolis 17
NCAA Brian Hainline, MD 17
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