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2015-16 Commission on Physician Assistance
Chair: Randy Stevens, MD  
Medical Consultant: Fred Frick, MD  
ISMA Staff: Candace Backer, LCSW, LCAC
    Term Expiration:
District  Committee Member Partial Term 1st Term 2nd
1st Ashley Cobb, MD, Evansville      11-13 16  
2nd Diana Ebling, MD, Bloomington 13-14 17  
3rd Kevin Burke, MD, Jeffersonville 16
4th Michael Whitworth, MD, Columbus   14 17
5th Randy Stevens, MD, Terre Haute 14-16    
6th Patrick Anderson, MD, Richmond 13 16
7th Vicki Roe, MD, Indianapolis 13 16
7th Michael Agostino, MD, Indianapolis 16  
7th John Ellis, MD, Indianapolis 13 16
8th Ryan Johnston, MD, Muncie 14-15 15-18
9th Stephen Tharp, MD           12-14 17  
10th     17
11th   16  
12th Hary Ailinani, MD, Fort Wayne 17  
13th Harriet Hamer, MD, South Bend 13 16
AL Jeffrey Kellams, MD, Indianapolis   16  
AL Jon Marhenke, MD, Indianapolis   16  
AL Suhayl Nasr, MD, Michigan City   16
AL Semyon Faynboym, MD, Indianapolis 16
AL   16
MED CON. Fred Frick, MD 16
ExO Rhonda Sharp, M.D, President
ExO Thomas Whiteman, MD, President-Elect
ExO Julie Reed,
Executive Vice President
ExO John McGoff, MD, Speaker
ExO Andrew Trobridge, MD,
Vice Speaker
ExO Lisa Hatcher, MD, Board Chair      
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