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Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0)
HIP 2.0 includes these four plans:
  • HIP Link supports participation in employer-sponsored insurance plans and encourages the use of existing private insurance options.
  • HIP Plus offers an enhanced benefits program for those with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. The plan covers dental and vision care and incentivizes enrollees to contribute monthly to their POWER accounts.
  • HIP Basic provides essential health benefits to patients below the 100 percent poverty level. It does not include vision and dental care and requires co-payments for all services.
  • HIP State Plan is a comprehensive plan for individuals with complex medical or behavioral conditions. It offers some additional benefits, including vision and dental.

More plan details at in.gov.

Indiana HIP 2.0 information page 
HIP 2.0 - POWER Account Card Overview

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